Photo Zine 猫のつめとぎ2019 vol.05

This “Zine vol.05” is that I photographed and drew the “Kyudo (Japanese art of archery)” in 2019.


【Publication】Self-publishing 2019 Limited edition of each 43 copies
【Binding】Staple binding with a small bow
【Page】34 pages with w.b.
【Size】14 x 20.5 cm
【Photo and Drawing】 Koji Takiguchi
【Edit and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Laser prints

【Price】Not for sale

Photo Zine 猫のつめとぎ2019 voi.04

This “Zine vol.04” is that I photographed in 2008 and drew them by Japanese ink and wooden pencil in 2019.


【Publication】Self-publishing 2019 Limited edition of each 10 copies
【Binding】Bellow folding
【Page】36 pages
【Size】14 x 20.5 cm
【Photo and Drawing】Koji Takiguchi
【Edit and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Laser prints on Kraft paper

【Price】1000 yen

Photo Zine 猫のつめとぎ2019 vol.03

This “Zine vol.03” is that I selected 20 painting prints when I exhibited “猫のつめとぎ” on 2017.


【Publication】Self-publishing 2019 Limited edition of each 10 copies
【Binding】Sting stop
【Page】10 pages with col.
【Size】21 x 29.7 cm
【Edit and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Laser prints

【Price】620 yen

Photo Zine 猫のつめとぎ2019 vol.02

This “Zine vol.02” is that I photographed as the “Sharpening of a Cat’s Claw” project in 2016.
These three papers copies (black, white and gray) are printed same images as one set.


【Publication】Self-publishing 2019 Limited edition of each 15 copies
【Binding】Pamphlet Sewing
【Page】24 pages with w.b.
【Size】14 x 20.5 cm
【Edit and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Laser prints on black, white and gray color papers

【Price】1200 yen (one set included three color papers)
( )

Photo Zine 猫のつめとぎ2019 vol.01

This “Zine vol.01” is that I photographed as the “Sharpening of a Cat’s Claw” project in 2016.


【Publication】Self-publishing 2019 Limited edition of 26 copies
【Binding】Pamphlet Sewing
【Page】20 pages with w.b.
【Size】14 x 20.5 cm
【Edit and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Laser prints on white and color papers

【Price】Sold Out

Photo Book 猫のつめとぎ 2018 "GOTO"

This photo book “GOTO” is the collaboration with the visual transmission laboratory of Tokyo University of the Arts master’s program and Goto city, Nagasaki prefecture. This book is bound up two volumes into one. First volume is composed with the record of Goto island. Later volume is composed with the process of the Design work. I bound a “Z” model for a pair to first and later.


【Publication】Self-publishing 2018 (photograph 2017)
【Binding】Case binding (with two books)
【Page】 102 pages (first half), 70 pages (second half)
【Size】 20.8 × 20.8 cm
【Editing and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Pigment print

【Price】Not for sale

Photo Book 猫のつめとぎ 2018 "Food Camp"

This photo book “Food Camp” is the Design project of Tokyo University of the Arts master’s program.
I made only a book as not for sale. I cut each paper in half and show a part image of next page.
I use yellowish papers in the first half for reminded of soil and whitish papers in the latter half.

東京藝術大学大学院研究科修士課程デザイン専攻のデザインプロジェクト”Food Camp”をまとめた写真集。

【Publication】Self-publishing 2018 (photograph 2017)
【Binding】Case binding
【Page】 45 pages
【Size】 20.5 × 20.5 cm
【Editing and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Pigment print

New group exhibition "Tokyo University of the ArtsGraduation Works Ehibitions"

my work title:
"Tsudureori (Tapestry)"
photograph: 2005-2018
edit and design: 2018
5 photobooks (each chapter 1-5), wooden cover, pigment prints

This work is a story of my grandparents and parents. I started to photograph from 2005. 
At first my grandparents lived each other cheerful. My grandfather passed away, and after that my two grandmothers were bedridden. They passed away a few years ago, and then my parents live in their rebuilt grandparents house.
I looked their life had become like the grandparents life. I felt the life's heredity.

 作品は、2005年にCanon写真新世紀と、2010年にTAP galleryにて展示した「つづれおり」の続編となります。

Tokyo University of the Arts
"Graduation Works Ehibitions:
faculty of fine arts gradual school and fine arts master's program"
9:30-17:30, 9:30-12:30(last day)
undergraduates: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and The University premises
graduates: the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts and University premises…/exhib…/current_exhibitions_en.htm


New photo book "Flowers (illustration title)".

It is a new photo book "Flowers (illustration title)".
We will sell at TABF (Tokyo Art Book Fair). The booth is a booth of the A-floor "Tokyo University of the Arts and Music, Design department, visual communication laboratory.

【Photo-book】 "Flower (illustration title)"
【Publication】Self-publishing 2017 Limited edition of 50 copies
【Binding】 Soft cover (Handmade)
【Page】 49 pages
【Size】 340 mm × 247 mm
【Price】 ① 4000 yen (only 9 copies / depending on printing condition)
    ② 4500 yen
    ③ 5000 yen (with 2 Zines set) * All inclusive of tax
It is a photo album focused on time of art expression of People with intellectual disabilities
To look at outsider art with the artist. There was a body expression, a breath, there was also a purity to express. There is precious time for them that can only be experienced in this time.
It is blooming like a casual little flower.

【Zine】 "Haruka Shimizu / Akari Yoko"
【Production】 Photo: Shimizu · Yokoo, Editing / Design: Takiguchi
【Publication】 limited edition of each 50 copies
【Page】 46 pages
【Size】140 mm × 140 mm
【Price】 ① 1000 yen (2 Zines set)
② 500 yen (photo-book set)
* All taxes / All income is profit of two photographers.
These two Zines will be photographs taken by two disabled people to have a camera for the first time. You can see the pleasure of taking a picture for the first time and feel their thoughts through the camera.



【出版】Self-publishing2017年 Limited edition of 50 copies
【ページ】49 pages

【出版】limited edition of each 50 copies
【ページ】46 pages
【サイズ】 140mm×140mm



Publish the "猫のつめとぎ Sharpening of a Cat's Claw" photo-book.

This project is I taken daily snap photos almost everyday from 2005 to 2007 and uploaded to my website.
I did the editing / design / printing / binding. So, the limited edition is only 30 copies because of the handmade books.
The price is 6000yen (about 55$).

You can read the information on my website

I made a movie about this book on Vimeo.

Here is "Koji Takiguchi publishing" online store

If you want to buy this from abroad (outside of Japan), please email to me (
Because you had better to choose how to post.




New Project "猫のつめとぎ -Neko no Tsumetogi(Claw Sharpener For Cat)"

I started to shoot snap almost everyday from the end of December.
I try to upload these images I select a few image every time on my website only this year.

I did same work "猫のつめとぎ -Neko no Tumetogi (Claw Sharpener For Cat)" in 2006.
I try to do this work this year after ten years.

I will remove an old image from eighth, so please check it sometimes.
Ahead of website, I will upload these images on my Tumblr "kojitakii猫のつめとぎ".
On this Tumblr these images accumulate gradually.



Just Another Photo Festival in New Delhi, India./25th - 30th September 2015

Just Another Photo Festival in New Delhi, India./25th - 30th September 2015
The slideshow of my work "窓-SOU" is screened by the curater Manik Katyal recommended.

9月25日〜9月30日までインドのニューデリーで開催されているJust Another Photo Festivalで、キュレーターのManik Katyal推薦で、「窓」のSlide Showでの参加をしています。