Publish the "猫のつめとぎ Sharpening of a Cat's Claw" photo-book.

This project is I taken daily snap photos almost everyday from 2005 to 2007 and uploaded to my website.
I did the editing / design / printing / binding. So, the limited edition is only 30 copies because of the handmade books.
The price is 6000yen (about 55$).

You can read the information on my website

I made a movie about this book on Vimeo.

Here is "Koji Takiguchi publishing" online store

If you want to buy this from abroad (outside of Japan), please email to me (
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New Project "猫のつめとぎ -Neko no Tsumetogi(Claw Sharpener For Cat)"

I started to shoot snap almost everyday from the end of December.
I try to upload these images I select a few image every time on my website only this year.

I did same work "猫のつめとぎ -Neko no Tumetogi (Claw Sharpener For Cat)" in 2006.
I try to do this work this year after ten years.

I will remove an old image from eighth, so please check it sometimes.
Ahead of website, I will upload these images on my Tumblr "kojitakii猫のつめとぎ".
On this Tumblr these images accumulate gradually.



Just Another Photo Festival in New Delhi, India./25th - 30th September 2015

Just Another Photo Festival in New Delhi, India./25th - 30th September 2015
The slideshow of my work "窓-SOU" is screened by the curater Manik Katyal recommended.

9月25日〜9月30日までインドのニューデリーで開催されているJust Another Photo Festivalで、キュレーターのManik Katyal推薦で、「窓」のSlide Showでの参加をしています。