New group exhibition "Tokyo University of the ArtsGraduation Works Ehibitions"

my work title:
"Tsudureori (Tapestry)"
photograph: 2005-2018
edit and design: 2018
5 photobooks (each chapter 1-5), wooden cover, pigment prints

This work is a story of my grandparents and parents. I started to photograph from 2005. 
At first my grandparents lived each other cheerful. My grandfather passed away, and after that my two grandmothers were bedridden. They passed away a few years ago, and then my parents live in their rebuilt grandparents house.
I looked their life had become like the grandparents life. I felt the life's heredity.

 作品は、2005年にCanon写真新世紀と、2010年にTAP galleryにて展示した「つづれおり」の続編となります。

Tokyo University of the Arts
"Graduation Works Ehibitions:
faculty of fine arts gradual school and fine arts master's program"
9:30-17:30, 9:30-12:30(last day)
undergraduates: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and The University premises
graduates: the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts and University premises…/exhib…/current_exhibitions_en.htm