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猫のつめとぎ 2018 "Sharpening of a Cat's Claw"
“Food Camp"

【Publication】Self-publishing 2018 (photograph 2017)
【Binding】Case binding
【Page】 45 pages
【Size】 20.5 × 20.5 cm
【Editing and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Pigment print

【Price】Not for sale

花 "Flowers (Illustrated title)"

【Publication】Self-publishing 2017 Limited edition of 50 copies
【Binding】 Soft cover (Handmade)
【Page】 49 pages
【Size】 34 × 24. 7 cm
【Printing】Pigment print
【Price】① 4500 yen
       ② SOLD OUT (with 2 Zines set)
It is a photo album focused on time of art expression of People with intellectual disabilities
To look at outsider art with the artist. There was a body expression, a breath, there was also a purity to express. There is precious time for them that can only be experienced in this time.
It is blooming like a casual little flower.

【Zine】 "Haruka Shimizu / Akari Yoko"
【Production】 Photo: Shimizu · Yokoo, Editing / Design: Takiguchi
【Page】 46 pages
【Size】14 × 14 cm
These two Zines will be photographs taken by two disabled people to have a camera for the first time. You can see the pleasure of taking a picture for the first time and feel their thoughts through the camera. 

猫のつめとぎ 2017 "Sharpening of a Cat's Claw"

【Publisher】Self Publishing 2017年 Limited edition of 30 copies.
【Book Binding】Boards (case binding)
【Pages】136 pages with col. and b/w.
【Size】18.5 x 26.3 cm
【Editing and Design】Koji Takiguchi
【Printing】Pigment print


窓 "SOU"

【Publisher】Little Big Man 2014年 Limited edition of 300 copies.
【Book Binding】Softcover
【Pages】120 pages with col. illus.
【Size】33 x 23 cm
【Design】Little Big Man Books
【Printing】Ofset Turkey
【Title Calligraphy】Araki, Nobuyoshi(荒木経惟)
【Interviewer】Dan Abbe(ダン・アビー)

                SOLD OUT

窓 "SOU"

【Publisher】Self Publishing 2008年 Limited edition of 400 copies.
【Book Binding】Softcover
【Pages】50 pages with col. and b/w.
【Size】25.7 x 21 cm
【Design】Hiroko Takiguchi
【Printing】Ofset Japan

【Price】2500 yen